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Deadline extended for gas disaster settlement claims

by Jill Harmacinski, Eagle Tribune

The deadline to apply for payment from the $143 million settlement for gas disaster victims has been stretched until Jan. 31, 2020.

Salem Superior Court Judge James Lang this week approved the deadline change from Jan. 9 until Jan. 31, according to court papers.

Community groups in Lawrence expressed concern with the Jan. 9 deadline and “individuals’ ability to meet the claims deadline given the holidays.”

“As such, the legislators and community members requested that the filing claims deadline be extended to Jan. 31,” according to Lang’s motion.

Columbia Gas attorneys and the settlement administrator both agreed to the request.

“The Court’s extension of the claims submission deadline to January 31st gives us that much more time to help class members with the claims process. We continue to work with residents and business owners to help them get the relief they deserve from the settlement,” according to a statement from John Roddy of Bailey and Glasser, a lead attorney for the gas disaster victims.


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