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Teens Spur Volunteer Effort to Feed Those in Need “Parties w a Purpose” Prepare Lazarus House Meals

via Rumbo News

“No one makes these kids come,” added McKenna. “There is a lot of joy in this, it’s been very infectious. It’s been a beautiful thing because it gives them a sense of purpose. Some sense they are affecting some kind of small change, which is really I think why they come.”

Yet behind McKenna’s modesty and “anyone could have done this” demeanor, she embodies the truism that one person can make an incredible difference. The idea that started small is now an ever-growing community of caring. Watson calls her “a force of nature.”

“We have been doing them once a month,” said McKenna. “The purpose is for the kids to do it. The adults help, just by the means of ‘This is how you chop an onion; this is how you sauté something.’ We have gone from making 50 servings an evening to anywhere between 150 and 200 servings.”

“I have learned the power of community,” said Ryan McKenna. “We have the ability to make change. We are nothing special, but just by making breakfast for 200 people, we are helping make an impact.”

While Lazarus House has many volunteers essential to its needs and programs, “Paula’s Parties” and the teens stand out.

“The power of this movement has far exceeded anything we initially envisioned and has made a real difference in the lives of our Guests,” said Marcy Furse, Lazarus House Coordinator of Volunteers.


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