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They love a parade - 33 Frost teachers take part in car caravan for students

by the Eagle Tribune

Teachers at the Robert Frost Elementary School gave a big showing of support to students Wednesday, letting families know they are thinking of them during these challenging times. School staff hosted a car parade, with a route starting at the school in Lawrence and then meandering through the Mount Vernon neighborhood. Teachers who organized the parade were Grace Tuttle, Emilie Cromer, Brianne Tirone, Craig Barnard, Leanne Smith, Mari Samperi, and Marrissa Wolfe. In an email, Barnard said the parade was organized as a way to show students and families their support during difficult times, even if from a distance. Teachers also got some support in return. "It was a great way for staff to come together and support one another as a teaching community," Barnard said. Lawrence police officers also got involved, providing the parade an official escort around the neighborhood. In all, 33 teachers took part in the event. Many students made posters to hold up as the parade passed by while waving from porches, front steps, through windows and in driveways, all maintaining safe distances. Community members without students at the school also came out to show support.

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