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Our Collective vision

“We Are Lawrence” is a movement by thousands of Lawrence residents to take back the image of the city they love, and to spotlight and support the hard work happening here to make Lawrence a better place to live, work and visit.

A century ago, workers in Lawrence united in the historic Bread & Roses strike to change oppressive labor conditions. Today, an incredible cross-section of citizens has united to fight a modern battle against oppression – oppressive misperceptions, stereotypes, and negativity.

We’ve had enough of other people telling a convenient, narrow-minded story about Lawrence. We’ve decided to take back the narrative. The story of Lawrence is the story of thousands of good people doing good things every day to support a healthy, diverse, and hardworking city.

Lawrence is a historic city that is re-inventing itself, a diverse community where dozens of rich cultures live in peace every day, a home to hardworking families and brand-name companies. You can come to Lawrence from anywhere in the world, feel welcome, and pursue the American Dream.

Every city has its challenges, but our challenges don’t define us. And we won’t allow them to drown out the energy and optimism that we see every day. The mission of We Are Lawrence is to tell the truth about our city, to support those who want to make a difference, and to keep working together to make our city a better place.


See the latest updates, learn of what resources are available to residents and businesses, and check out related events.


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Stories of

Let's remind everyone what Lawrence is made of! There's tons of positive things happening in our city daily. Here's a compilation of some of the highlights.



What are you doing this weekend?

Every week, we publish a list of a weekend round up with all of the events planned for that weekend, starting from Thursday evening into Sunday. The list is a compilation from the Community Calendar on this site.


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The more our community knows about the events going on within it, the better for us all!

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