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Click on an event title below to see the details, descriptions and even add it to your own personal calendar so you can remind yourself to attend!

Have an event to share?
Glad to hear it! To add an event:
Add Event
Option 1
  1. simply create an event in your email's calendar (ex: Gmail Calendar or Outlook) and

  2. fill out all of the fields as much as possible (examples below)

  3. in Gmail, you can even attach flyers and set up multi-day or repeating events!

  4. then, add in the Invite field.

  5. once we receive the event invite, we will review, provide feedback if needed, and once approved, we will add the event to our Community Calendar!

Be sure to include:

  • * "Event Title (Lead Org Name)"

  • * Date/Time

  • * Location

  • * Description

  • Link that goes back to your website or Facebook event page for updates

  • Link to registration/RSVP is applicable or event contact info if necessary

  • Flyer if possible (as an attachment)


Any questions? Feel free to reach out.

Option 2

Thanks for submitting! ¡Gracias por enviarnos!

Option 3

There​ is also the potential for you to tag us in your Facebook event page if you choose to use that tool to promote your event.

Doing so will allow your event to show up on our Facebook page's event tab and is also a very easy way for us to add your event to the community calendar in a few clicks.

As with any of these options, WAL does retain the right to deny events that do not feel appropriate for our community-based audience.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out.

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