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Cash Assistance Benefits for Veterans and their Families under MGL Ch. 115

Hi All,

Thank you for all the work you are doing to help families facing food insecurity, housing insecurity, and a range of other issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Veterans Legal Services wanted to make sure that all of your programs participants and advocates are aware of the benefits available for individuals who have served in the military and their families under the Chapter 115 program which can provide cash assistance up to a maximum of $2,257 per month.  

With the unprecedented levels of unemployment and other issues due to COVID-19 there are likely many veterans who don't know about Chapter 115 but are now eligible. I've attached our flyer on the program, as well as our flyer on how we've adapted our own services to the remote environment. Please share both widely.

Chapter 115 is administered locally by each City or Town's Veterans' Service Officer. If clients need contact information for their local VSO to apply, they can locate it at or call DVS at 617-210-5480. Veterans can also use to see if they are eligible and get an estimate of how much assistance they might receive. The program can also help with back rent or mortgage payments, and medical expenses, including things like insurance premiums in some cases.

Everyone has a right to apply for benefits and to receive a written decision, but we've seen a lot of variations in access depending on the city or town. With that in mind, we have a survey on our website where veterans can report their experience (good or bad), so we can gather information about what creative solutions are being implemented or where there are obstacles. If a veteran is denied or cannot reach the VSO we have advocates who may be able to assist. Veterans can reach us by phone at 857-317-4474 or via our website,

Please help us spread the word!

Thank you,

Anna S. Richardson, Esq. Co-Executive Director & Chief Counsel Veterans Legal Services P.O. Box 8457 Boston, MA 02114 (857) 317-4474 (t) (844) 621-2797 (f)


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