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Contractor strikes Tower Hill gas line

via Jill Harmacinski, Eagle Tribune

A contractor working in a Tower Hill neighborhood hit a low pressure gas line forcing the shut down of service to dozens of gas meters Monday afternoon, according to fire officials.

A temporary shelter was opened at the Arlington School after the problem on Florence Avenue, but only a few people opted to immediately go there, officials said.

Fire Chief Brian Moriarty stressed service to 53 area homes (53 meters) were affected but there were no fires and no injuries.

"This wasn't the gas company's fault," said Moriarty, adding a contractor struck the low pressure line.

Mayor Daniel Rivera echoed Moriarty saying, "It was the mistake of the contractor."

While just a few went to the shelter, Moriarty noted children were still in school Monday and area residents still at work.

Repairs were expected to take anywhere from six to 12 hours, however Moriarty said crews working in the area appeared to be working rapidly. `

The name of the contractor working in the area was not immediately available.


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