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LPS Superintendent’s Statement on Promotion and Retention for School Year 2019-20

Updated: May 20, 2020

Revised Retention Policies for 2019-2020

Recognizing the traumatic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on our families and students, Lawrence Public Schools has temporarily suspended its promotion and retention policies for SY2019-20. All students will be promoted to the next grade for SY20-21, ensuring they are not penalized for the lost learning and other effects – social, emotional, physical and economic – caused by this pandemic. This decision is based on feedback from multiple sessions with LPS parents, students, educators and school leaders, as well as research regarding the harmful impact of retention on students.

There remain questions and challenges around ensuring student readiness for the next grade, and I am confident that we will continue to develop new and necessary steps to properly support our rising students. We have begun by expanding summer programming and interventions, providing many more students with access to important summer supports and added learning time leading into the fall. I welcome the continued partnership of all our families and educators as continue to prioritize these efforts heading into the new school year and beyond.


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