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The only way is forward: Supporting communities during COVID-19

In times like these, our country is supported by many types of heroes: health care workers, teachers, caretakers, cleaning staff, food servers and grocers, local activists, and more. Their collective dedication proves that there has never been a more important time to come together. Across the United States, not a single community is left unaffected by COVID-19—yet undeniably, this pandemic has hit some populations much harder than others. While the virus itself does not discriminate, many low-income neighborhoods have been especially affected, as residents are more likely to be essential workers, use public transport, and live in densely populated buildings, making social distancing a challenge. Access to adequate health care and nutritious food in these places is an added issue, and as a result, this crisis has disproportionately affected already susceptible populations.

Despite the obstacles that COVID-19 has created, local organizations have risen to the occasion. Determined to make an impact in these uncertain times, nonprofits have been quick to mobilize and take innovative approaches to meet the physical and emotional demands of those who need them the most. For some, that may include access to food, housing, health and community services, and personal protective equipment (PPE). For others, the needs may not be as obvious, like technology for older adults to help them stay in touch with family and friends.


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