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Lawrence Arts Collective
Call for Artists: Information Session Q&A
Thursday, July 8th, 2021

  1. Are Artists-in-Residency able to make their own schedule in this year-long program?

During the 9-month commitment to the project, artists are able to make their own schedules based on their matched residency organization host. Artists will need to coordinate with their host organization to discuss schedules throughout the project period.

  2. What does each partner organization provide to an artist?

Every partner organization will at minimum: (1) space, (2) Wi-Fi, and (3) collaboration opportunities within their own organization. Additional information on more specific amenities and collaboration opportunities for each organization are located at the end of this Q&A.

  3. How will the $5,000 be administered to the artist?

Funds that have been awarded from MassDevelopment are being sponsored by the City of Lawrence Library. There are regulations on how the funds can be distributed so the partner organizations will receive incremental amounts throughout the year to then distribute to the artists based on how/what the funds will be needed for. Each partner has something different and unique to provide the artist. ., therefore the $5,000 stipend can be provided in a variety of ways. Please keep in mind that the stipend is more of an incentive that can assist with items that include but are not limited to payments for teaching workshops, cost of materials needed to outfit your space, support development of your project, space rental, etc..

  4. Will there be opportunities for cross collaboration outside of Lawrence as well?

A core intention of this program is to encourage cross collaboration, specifically within the participating organizations, but cross collaborations with outside programs can be accommodated with the support of your host organization.  Since this is a pilot program, we would encourage selected artists to focus their energy in familiarizing themselves with the community, their host organization, and collaborating with the partner organizations but encourage artists to share opportunities that could benefit their host organization and/or other artists if they arise.

  5. Are artists able to present any kind of proposals to develop research, rehearsals, workshops, conversations, or performances?

Yes! Partner organizations and selected artists will meet throughout fall 2021 to develop collaborative projects and programs that can be exhibited Spring 2022. Artists are encouraged to work together to develop community-focused programming that can help bridge connections between the partner organizations’ core missions, mediums, and the public.

  6. Is a budget breakdown expected in our applications if we're dreaming of specific programming?

No budget breakdown is expected or required. The partnership between MassDevelopment TDI/Barr Foundation (grant funder) and the Lawrence Library (grantee) allow for the funds to be used in an unrestricted manner to allow artists ability to express their practice more flexibly. 

  7. How many artists are you looking for?

Each partner will be hosting one artist. There are currently 7 partners so we will be looking for 7 artists.

  8. Should we note which artist-in-residency we would like to partner with?

If there is an interest in a specific medium we suggest that you note it in your application. If you also have an idea as to which partner you would like to collaborate with, please note that in the application as well.

  1. When is the deadline for the application?

The deadline for the application is Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 11:59pm.

2: What does each partner organization provide to an artist?

Every partner organization will, at minimum, provide: (1) space for the artist-in-residence to work, (2) Wi-Fi, and (3) collaboration opportunities within their own organization.

599 Studios is Lawrence’s newest artist studio and budding creative campus. The selected artist-in-residence here could expect:

  • Dedicated artist studio and access to shared amenities (kitchen, printing press, gallery)

  • Stipend to support social media development of 599 Studios in collaboration with other artists at the studios

  • Access to space for additional exhibits, performances, etc.

El Taller is a cafe and bookstore that regularly hosts open mic nights, writing workshops, and community events. El Taller is ideally looking for a literary arts focused creative. The selected artist-in-residence here could expect:

  • Shared space (cafe dining room and upper-story event space) where an artist can write, work, and meet on a regular basis

  • Stipend to support development of community programming, e.g. writing workshops

  • Access to free writing workshops, editorial feedback, collaborative participation in other El Taller projects, and event space


Elevated Thought is an art and social justice creative organization focused on developing spaces for BIPOC youth and community members to engage and understand art’s liberating powers. The selected artist-in-residence here could expect:

  • Shared space where an artist can work and collaborate

  • Stipend to support development of youth and community workshop development; expansion of beautification projects across the city; and archiving/documenting community engagement through creative mediums

  • Access to shared space for exhibits, workshops, etc.

Essex Art Center is a gallery, studio space, and teaching center for youth and adult classes in various mediums from clay to stained glass to digital art. The selected artist-in-residence here could expect:

  • Dedicated artist studio and access to shared amenities (kitchen, clay studio, gallery)

  • Stipend to support artist project development and collaborative community programming, e.g. expand existing classes and/or create new classes/workshops

  • Access to space for exhibits, classes, workshops, etc.

Izizwe Dance Studio is a non-competitive dance studio using personalized training to empower dancers to find their unique voice. Izizwe focuses on elements of dance history, cultural appreciations, and social justice. The selected artist-in-residence here could expect:

  • Shared dance studio space with access to sound system and recording devices

  • Stipend to support artist to create work for both student and professional dancers through mentorship and collaboration with Izizwe and other partners

  • Izizwe partners can facilitate access for additional exhibition space

Merrimack River Watershed Council (MRWC) is an organization that aims to improve and conserve the Merrimack River Watershed through science, education, advocacy, and recreation. The selected artist-in-residence here could expect:

  • Shared space where the artist can plan and brainstorm

  • Stipend support for the artist and projects

  • Facilitate future opportunities for collaboration

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