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Young Latino to be Panelist in National Entrepreneurship Summit

by Rumbo News

EForAll, the national and multi branch non-profit organization, whose mission is accelerating economic and social impact through entrepreneurship in mid-sized cities, is celebrating its annual Summit for Inclusive Entrepreneurship.

Jorge Veloz, the 26-year-old proprietor of Pentagon Studios, a marketing and design company, will be one of the panelists for the event. His experience and extensive work at empowering business owners in optimizing their platforms to be more marketable and competitive has led him to become an authority in the field. He will be hosting the workshop “Communicating Your Value” along other thought leaders in the business field teaching upcoming entrepreneurs about communicating and understanding the value of their proposition, identifying the benefits offered within their platform, and leveraging its competitive differentiation.

His company has assisted in creating videography for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund. Has worked with the online presence of the co-working space 60 Vibe and has provided branding services for Port Electronics Corporation. During 2016, he even launched an urban clothing line called Aurea Vestes (a registered trademark in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).


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