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Staying Warm


All In Energy Video - Spanish

All In Energy Video - Spanish

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All In Energy Video - English

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Programa Calles Verdes (Green Streets program)

Programa Calles Verdes (Green Streets program)

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Lawrence Saves Energy
Get an energy assessment of your home/apartment at no cost to you to save money monthly
617-446-3456  |  Website

Did you know that if you rent or own a building with 1-4 units you can get an energy assessment at no cost to you? These assessments help you save money each month on energy and make your home more comfortable year round. During the energy assessment you can get things that immediately help you save energy at home, such as LED light bulbs, a programmable thermostat, or water-saving fixtures - all at no cost to you. If you own your building, you can often also get insulation for your walls or attic, to make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, all at low-to-no-cost. 


How is it no-cost to get the assessment and many of the upgrades? Each month, everyone who pays a utility bill pays a small "energy efficiency" charge which funds a statewide energy-saving program called Mass Save®. But to get the benefit of this program, you have to request a "no-cost home energy assessment" to get started.

The City of Lawrence has partnered with All In Energy, a local nonprofit, to connect renters and owners of 1-4 unit buildings to this program. All In Energy can support both Spanish and English speakers to access no-cost home energy assessments.


To learn more and request your energy assessment, visit

If your family qualifies for any low income eligible programs, like fuel assistance, WIC, Mass Health, or the reduced gas or electric rates, you may be able to access even greater energy and money saving benefits through GLCAC.

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Gr. Lawrence Community Action Council
Available for Fuel Assistance and help with making your home more energy efficient in order to keep the heat within your home and help you save money.
Emergency Heating Assistance (978) 681-4955

LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

  • How It Works

    • Aid is available to pay a portion of winter heating bills for the primary heat source.

    • Payments are made directly to the fuel provider.  Applies only to oil, propane, coal, wood, gas, kerosene and electric.

    • Aid may be available even if your rent includes heat or you live in subsidized housing.

    • Supplemental benefit considered for eligible households with a high energy burden.

    • We serve Lawrence, Methuen, Andover, North Andover, Reading and North Reading.

  • Click her for LIHEAP income guidelines

  • To apply for fuel assistance, you will need:

    • Proof of income from all sources for the past 30 days for all household members 18 years or older. 

    • Social Security numbers and birth certificates for all household members.

    • One of the following photo IDs: A valid government-issued ID, a student ID, or an employee ID.

    • Current heating/utility bills to verify address.

    • Proof of rent or mortgage payment amount. For renters, bring a current copy of lease/rent agreement.  For homeowners, bring a copy of your mortgage statement, tax bill, and homeowner insurance premium.


​Contact the LIHEAP Program at or (978) 681-4950.

HEARTWAP Heating Retrofit

Fixing Heating Systems

Don’t be cold because of a broken furnace or boiler.  Low-income households eligible for fuel assistance (LIHEAP) may also qualify for free heating system repair or replacement. 

  • GLCAC contracts with heating companies

  • We make sure home heating systems are safe, efficient and reliable. 

  • Call (978) 681-4955 for emergency heating system repairs.

  • No cost to qualifying households


The Heating Energy Assistance Retrofit Task Weatherization Assistance Program (HEARTWAP) is funded through the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and monitored by the Commonwealth's Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).


​Contact the Energy Conservation Program at (978) 681-4956 or


Stop Paying to Heat Outside by Closing those Gaps and Leaks

Save money on energy bills and stay warmer by sealing the leaks that let heat escape.  If you are eligible for LIHEAP, TAFDC or SSI, you qualify for a free inspection and repairs, including:

  • A no-cost weatherization audit of your home to find energy, health and safety concerns.

  • Repairs by a licensed and insured contractor of the problems identified in the audit at no cost to the residents.

  • Work including air sealing, attic and/or sidewall insulation, weather stripping, and minor repairs associated with weatherizing.

  • A quality control inspection of all work by GLCAC’s energy auditor.


Contact the Weatherization Assistance Program at (978) 681-4956 or


Utility Company Conservation Programs

GLCAC partners with local utility companies to offer special utility conservation programs to reduce your electric and heating bills, and conserve energy.


Homeowners and renters can lower their bills by signing up for a free electricity audit that looks at ways to conserve and save.


Program participants may receive energy efficient light bulbs, water conservation materials, and – possibly – be eligible for a new refrigerator.  Certain conditions apply.


You may qualify if you meet income guidelines and:

  • Provide an electric bill in the name of a household member.

  • The electric bill has an R-2 rating.

  • Have resided at the location at least 9 months.

Contact the Energy Conservation Program at (978) 681-4956 or

Groundwork Lawrence sq.png
Green Streets
Free trees for your home that will help reduce the heating and cooling costs for your home
(978) 974-0770, x7016  |  Website

The Green Streets program works to increase the urban tree canopy in Lawrence by providing FREE trees to city residents and businesses. In 2008, we received funding from the Commonwealth’s Environmental Justice Program to pilot an urban forestry program, planting 18 trees that year. Since then, Green Streets has grown to a year-round project with the ambitious goal of planting 400 trees per season. We are currently receiving funding from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental and Energy Affairs (EEA) under their Greening the Gateway Cities program.

How the Program Works:

  • Contact us and tell us you're interested in getting a free tree! 

  • Groundwork Lawrence will visit you at your home to look at your yard and help you determine which tree would be best for your property.

  • During the planting season, we will plant your free tree! 

  • After the tree is planted you will receive instructions on how to care for YOUR new tree.

  • You enjoy having a new tree in your yard!

  • Check out this Health Impact Assessment of the Lawrence Green Streets Program

Apply today

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Additional Resources
Reduce the cost of your monthly energy bills and get help paying overdue energy bills

Do you qualify for income-eligible programs like WIC, Mass Health, Head Start or Supplementary Social Security Income? If your family is enrolled in or eligible for any state or federal low income eligible programs, you may be able to lower the cost of your monthly energy bills through the reduced electric and reduced gas rates offered by National Grid and Columbia Gas. You may also be able to get help paying overdue electric and gas bills, including getting some of your debt forgiven. 


Learn more about these and other income eligible energy program on this great page compiled by our friends at the nonprofit All In Energy:

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