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Lawrence mayor says gas line repairs are complete; remaining evacuees can return home

by WCVB ch5

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera said all gas line repairs in the city have been completed a day after a gas leak forced hundreds of residents from their homes early Friday.

Rivera said electricity has been restored to all Lawrence homes by 11 a.m., while gas service should be universally restored by 10 p.m. Saturday. However, he urged all remaining evacuees to return home as soon as possible so that Columbia Gas workers can be permitted into their houses to perform safety checks and restore service.

"It will be sooner than 10 o'clock if you get back to your house and let people in, so they can do the work faster," Rivera said.

Those residents who cannot make it back home Saturday will be able to stay in a hotel room for one more night, according to the mayor.

Rivera said 31 families stayed in a hotel Friday night, including 85 adults and six children.


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