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Lawrence residents eligible for $1.6M in COVID-19 housing relief

A new rental assistance program is available for residents in need amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with locals able to share in more than $1.6 million available through a variety of methods, according to Mayor Daniel Rivera.

Through a partnership with Rivera's office, Congresswoman Lori Trahan, Community Development Director Vilma Martinez-Dominguez and the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, emergency rental assistance is now available to low-income Lawrence residents whose housing has been directly impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

The program both assists residents with back rent and helps provide money for first and last month's rent, security deposits and up to three months of rental assistance, according to the mayor's office.

“These funds come at a critical time to help provide much needed housing and financial stability to many of our residents who are struggling to keep up with their rent, or worse yet, those who are living in overcrowded housing or find themselves on the street because they’ve been rendered homeless because of job loss or COVID sickness,” Rivera said. “We understand the impact that this pandemic has had on the families in our community and are doing everything in our power to create safety nets during this time."

Up to $7,000 in back rent or up to $6,000 in re-homing fees may be awarded, according to the mayor's office. The program is funded by a CARES Act emergency solutions grant through the Office of Housing and Urban Development.

For information about the program or to complete an application, contact Annmary Connor at the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council at 978-620-4993 or via email at


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