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Santa Claus dances his way into Boys & Girls Club - Hands out more than 600 presents to children

by Paul Tennant, Eagle Tribune

'Twas five days before Christmas and all through the Lawrence Boys & Girls Club, an estimated 650 children were stirring, banging on tables, shouting for joy because You-Know-Who would soon be there.

"We have a visitor on the way," announced William Robertson, head of operations for the club and the master of ceremonies for the annual Christmas party that took place Thursday night. Robertson told the young people, who had just finished eating a holiday dinner, that they had to be seated before the visitor could enter the gymnasium.

Then at 6:10 p.m., the man of the hour arrived. He didn't come down through the chimney – after all, the gym doesn't have a fireplace – and he must have left the reindeer back at the North Pole, because he strode in by himself through a side door, dancing and prancing his way through a sea of excited kids.

He's pretty limber for an old guy. He took his seat and started giving out the presents. Every young person who attended the party received a gift, according to Markus Fischer, executive director of the club.


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