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Lawrence coach: 'We put Lawrence on the map' The legion baseball team and their fans earn nothing bu

by Bill Burt, Eagle Tribune

Ashland Legion head coach Jake Obid looked over at the Lawrence celebration of players and fans after beating his team, 2-0, to win its first-ever Mass. State Legion title.

It was over-the-top loud, up a few decibels from the previous two hours, and much of it in Spanish.

Obid basically tipped his cap.

“I want to say a few things about Lawrence,” said Obid. “They get a bad rap. All I’ve seen this week is a team that has more passion for this game than any team I’ve seen; their fans, too.

“It may rub a few people the wrong way, but it shouldn’t,” said Obid. “I love the way they play. I respect the hell out of their coaches; great guys. We lost to a better team.”


To be honest, we hear this often about Lawrence and their kids, particularly at big sporting events. They’re not perfect, but most fans, athletes and coaches are usually as good, behaved and respectful as Obid says they are.

To be honest, Ashland never had a chance. Yes, they beat Lawrence, 14-6, two nights ago, but there were extenuating circumstances with pitching, lack of sleep and the fact it didn’t mean anything if Lawrence lost.

This was different. The winner goes to the Legion Northeast Regional at Holy Cross in Worcester. The loser goes home.

Lawrence doesn’t get many opportunities like this, in anything, with the bright lights on. This group of young Lawrence men, all Hispanic, had been groomed for this game their entire lives.


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